Use Of Face Verification At Airports And Its Security Concerns

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Imagine arriving at the airport, entering through the security gates, and onboarding flight all without touching anything and still getting verified along the process. This is possible because of the face verification technique employed at airports. 

Biometrics is a widely used technology around the globe. Different biometrics like fingerprints, iris recognition, and face verification is used by businesses to verify the identity of their customers. Biometric scanning is headed to attain more heights of popularity because of the current Covid-19 breakout. Pandemic has made touchless interaction a part of the new normal which is attained by the biometric verification processes. 

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Face Verification At The Airports 

There are various US airport terminals where face verification can be performed at the time of customers’ entrance at the airport, luggage drop off, and at the time of flight onboarding. 

Increasing requirements regarding data privacy and customer satisfaction forced businesses to provide simple, seamless, and easy verification processes to customers. Therefore instead of making them wait in long queues for getting their verification done, airports are incorporating face verification techniques that could reduce the time-taking processes of getting themselves verified at the airport. 

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The generation of this age, being used to robust online processes expects every business to provide them with a seamless experience. Whether opening a bank account or accessing any digital platform, customers are familiar with the efficient methods only. 

Face Recognition At Security Check-in and Flight Onboarding

Airports are striving for ways to provide their customers with a seamless experience while maintaining the thefts of online face verification. This requires a balance between security needs and travel demands. To facilitate their travellers in a better way, airports are spending hefty amounts for an additional layer of identity management as face verification. have you checked Catchy Electronic Company Names

Most airlines fulfil their security requirements through manual processes. ID documents checks at the gate of airports verify the individuals going inside. But this identification measure was not a reliable source. Most of the customers bring expired documents for verification. Some customers sign up at airports with incorrect information. There are cases where criminals and fraudsters cross-travel due to flaws in manual processes and human negligence.

All airlines and government agencies made facial recognition optional on domestic flights. While during international travels it has been mandated by the government to undergo face verification checks.

This is the best measure to opt for at the airports but when will the time come when airports around the globe integrate this technique into their system? Considering the need of the hour, it should have been opted for as soon as possible. Because the covid introduced touchless interaction, face verification that also flourishes the touchless concept is needed to be incorporated as soon as possible. 

The problem arises when people from different areas of life do not show their trust in face verification measures. They see it as a security threat to their personal life. 

Security Concerns Upon Biometric Measure 

  • Threat to Privacy 

In this age where cameras are installed everywhere in public places. People with or without their concerns are getting monitored. Security officials consider this as their need to fulfil compliance protocols but it is not liked by a number of masses. 

Facial verification data being recorded can be misused by the carelessness of the officials. Once stolen, your identity can be utilized to fulfil the evil aims of perpetrators. 

  • Violation Of Personal Freedom 

The only concern that people feel regarding the arrival of cameras is the violation of their personal freedom. Imagine sitting at a public place, fully involved in your own world, and then suddenly you realize someone is watching you. How would you feel? That is exactly what happens in the face verification biometric measure. 

  • Poor Quality Of Images Affects Facial Recognition Technology 

Most of the time, cameras in public places are not of good quality. Therefore, they record images of bad quality. The problem arises when on the basis of these results, fraudsters get benefitted and some innocent individuals get caught by law enforcement agencies. 

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Face verification creates false positives and false negatives hugely impact the effectiveness of the system. 


This is the age where every business entity is striving to opt for advanced operational ways in order to better serve their customers. Airports are also trying to incorporate ways that can make the entire airport experience for travellers seamless. Face verification employed at airports can service customers in a way that they no longer are required to stand in long queues and the process that used to complete in hours is now reduced to half of the time. 

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