5 Reasons Why Massage Centers Should Use Business Management Software

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Amidst the host of services that are offered by a spa, hands down the most popular one is a massage. Over the years, with an increasing number of people considering to avail services which leave them both relaxed and rejuvenated, the demand for massages has been on a constant rise. This means your spa businesses are likely to see a constant stream of clients. However, with the business constantly growing, there will come a time, when managing the barrage of administrative tasks, will become increasingly challenging.

The various administrative tasks involved in efficiently running a massage spa such as managing appointments, creating schedules, tracking inventory, preparing work rosters and running payrolls can and do become overwhelming. Fortunately, with technology now being omnipresent in our lives, one can rely on it to run the entire gamut of operations. Enter the Spa business management software. Operating through a cloud-based platform, massage spa business management software assists you in optimizing and streamlining your business processes. Listed below are the top 5 benefits of spa management software.

The convenience of Booking & Scheduling

This is the primary feature of business management software, this one automates the process of accepting and scheduling appointments. While one cannot completely forgo the walk-in clients, most spas are now increasingly adopting the method of advance booking. The business management software is designed to accept booking through multiple platforms such as calls, webpages, chatbots, and apps, making it extremely easy for guests to book appointments anytime, anywhere.  The software also creates the daily work schedule and shares the work roster with providers. One of the biggest benefits of spa management software is that it empowers your businesses to respond to guests 24x7x365.

Improved Database Management

Businesses operating in service industry, more particularly salons and spas know how important it is to keep the customer database updated, at all times. A spa business management software has a complete comprehensive customer database, at a single point. No longer do you have to scurry around for missing information. What is even better, the system allows guests to modify certain details about their personal information such as change of address, phone numbers, payment information through a secure password authenticated access resulting in your system records being updated on a real time basis.

Inventory Management

Hands down the most time consuming process, amongst the host of other administrative processes required to run a massage spa is inventory management. Inventory management is often the trickiest aspect of the business. Keeping less stock means expressing regret to guests, and loosing on potential revenue. Stocking too much means blocking capital. A spa management software has inbuilt inventory management system. Gone are the days of manually taking stock, and guessing what to order and how much. The POS system not only tracks the inventory but also the lead times to prompt you to replenish stocks at the right time. Further, by analyzing the stock movement, it also helps you differentiate between what is selling and what isn’t selling. As a result you maintain your inventory at optimum levels, at all times.

Referrals and Loyalty Rewards Management

Since, the software records each and every client’s details and purchase history, businesses can easily spot and identify their most loyal customers and their spending patterns. As a result, businesses are enabled to transfer benefits to select clients accordingly and without bias. Three spa business management software is equipped to collect feedback for each and every service from clients and review this feedback to improve their services. Negative reviews, if any, can be collected here instead of on social media, and rewards and referral programs can be improved accordingly.

Reporting and Analytics

Another big benefit of spa management software is its ability to generate on-demand reports, which can be accessed anytime, but limitedly. Business owners can keep a tab on daily sales, revenue, profit and loss, and deployed capital. The software is equipped to give you a picture of the health of your business along with the key financial metrics such as Return on Investment, Internal Rate of Return etc. With such important financial data being readily available, businesses are equipped to take course corrections immediately

The spa business management software market is mature and has some good products available. Some of the renowned names are Zenoti, MindBody, and SalonIris. Personally, I find Zenoti to be the best-in-class product for its host of features such as advanced data analytics, geo-fencing, and an award-winning loyalty program module.

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