Top 5 Instagram Celebrities Names and their salaries

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Celebrities are using Instagram for connections and to connect with their audience. It is one of the most influencing marketing platforms for people as many niches appear on this social media platform each day. When you are using the online salary calculator, you would be amazed to see the amount of salary earned by the top celebrities. People do wonder how these celebrities are able to earn so much, the main reason for that is that they are working along with the top brands. Celebrities are working as brand ambassadors, and these brands are paying in return to these celebrities. 

Brands do want to reach millions of users if they use the celebrity influence to reach these niches. The power and reach of the celebrity are amazing. Brands do calculate the number of dollars they are paying to the celebrity and what they are getting in return. It is all about the Return on the On Investments (ROI). The payroll calculator helps us in calculating the huge amount of the salaries the celebrity earns from Instagram. 

These celebrities are from sports, film industry, fashion, and different entertainment industries. We are discussing the top 5 Instagram Celebrities names and their salaries:

1: Cristiano Ronaldo: 

The online salary calculator indicates Cristiano Ronaldo is charging around $619,497 to $ 1 Million on average over each post on Instagram. This is quite a huge price. During a post-match interview Cristiano Ronaldo removed the bottle of Coke Cola, it cost millions of $ loss for the soft drink. Ronaldo is one of the most popular players of Football, in his captaincy the Portuguese Football team won many Championships Like UEFA Championship.  Salary to hourly calculator indicating his hourly income is more than people’s monthly income. The main reason for success is that he is a dream celebrity, and doing the brand endorsements of any brand. He promoted Shampoo Clear, which got global acceptability after his appearance in their ad. 

2:Dwanyne Johnson:

We all know him as The Rock, he is one of the most famous Wrestlers of WWE. He is now one of the leading Hollywood actors and appears in many movies. The salary calculator indicates his average price per post is around $  $504,790  to $841,317. The annual income calculator he is earning meaning billions of dollars, it is totally unimaginable the amount of money. He is famous due to his extreme fitness, and the craze of youngsters to become like him. The muscular body of the rock is perfect for the posters for fitness.

3:Ariana Grande: 

The salary calculator indicates the average price per post is  $500,077 to $833,461. She is an American singer, actress, and songwriter, she was the highest-earning celebrity in 2019.  The yearly income calculator indicates she is earning billions of dollars from Instagram alone. When a brand is hiring her, you can reach around 165 million followers on Instagram. This is the reach of these celebrities which makes them the number one choice for the top brands.

4:Kylie Jenner:

The estimated average price per post for Kylie Jenner is around  $491,789 – $819,648 per post. The salary calculator indicates she is one of the highest-paid beauticians on Instagram. Women are following her, as they have a craze to make them as beautiful as Kylie Jenner. She is a celebrity influencer and offers millions of $ per post and she is endorsing luxury beauty brands. She is promoting new fashion brands, and her suggestions are well regarded throughout social media.

5:Salena Gomez:

Selena Gomes is a Spanish singer and her estimated average price per post is  $483,972 – $806,620. She has a massive fan following around the world, and most popular Instagrams posts. Her personally going to react to the post by the followers on Instagram. She is a favorite celebrity in promoting fashion brands and their features. Salary calculator indicating she is a brilliant brand ambassador to the fashion brand.


People do wonder why brands are paying millions of dollars to the top celebrity on Instagram. It is the fan following that reaches the target audience, as customers are following them. When the brands are investing, on the advertisement. It is more expensive, as compared to using social media for their advertisements. The salary calculator shows, what the brands pay to the celebrities is much less as compared to their cost of physical advertisement. This is encouraging the brands to pay to these top celebrities on Instagram.

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