Mindfulness Meditation Challenges That Beginners Face Every time

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Mindfulness Meditation is a skill that has both benefits and challenges for the practitioner. Some benefits include benefits for the self comprehensively. On the other hand, challenges and difficulties that a person can face are also numerous. 

For instance, scheduling a suitable time for the exercise, sleeping during the meditation session, and maintaining the fun element in the mindfulness practice. Some people also face difficulty in reducing distractions and dealing with unpleasant emotions. Let’s look further into the above challenges and understand how to tackle them properly. Beginners can start their meditation training for beginners anytime that they want. 

Scheduling Time for a Mindfulness Meditation Session

It is sometimes extremely difficult to find time for a meditation session due to a busy schedule and other important priorities. Research has shown that a meditation session as short as 10 minutes has the power to impart positive benefits to the mind and the body of the individual. This makes the schedule easy to sort out. Basic meditation courses include leadership skills. They are the best for mindfulness meditation courses online.

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Maintaining Interest In The Activity

Some people find it really easy to immerse themselves in the mindfulness meditation session. It is excellent that you do. On the other hand, there are people who are not able to maintain their interest and get demotivated. Hence, the individual faces long-term issues that can be problematic later on. They are also not able to reap the above-mentioned benefits. Guided meditation online courses prevent mishaps in the long run. 

Handling Distractions During a Mindfulness Meditation Session

Distractions are a big challenge that beginners face while practicing a mindfulness meditation session. This is where you need to practice your problem-solving skills as well and decrease distractions. Beginners also face issues with distractions because mindfulness meditation sessions encourage them to face their inner demons. In this way, the mind resists going further and inhibits personal development. Do your best to have a curious attitude and solve the problem as quickly as possible. It will help in experiencing the benefits of mindfulness meditation immediately. 

Dealing With Boredom

It is clear that boredom is related to low energy levels and high-stress levels. In some cases, people also experience exhaustion. Mindfulness meditation sessions are great for staying in the present moment even when the situation demands it. There are some cases where staying in the moment is necessary because an important decision needs to be made or some problem solving is needed. 

Tackling Bizarre Experiences During The Mindfulness Meditation Session

At some point, you may have an odd experience in your mindfulness experience. This could be feeling like you are floating, an odd dream-like state that one of my clients has reported feeling in the past, feeling itchy or restless and feeling very heavy. These are normal and will pass. If you can, allow the experience to unfold unless it gets too much. If it gets too much, you can stop and take a break and then go back to it. You are in control, not anyone else. If it helps, you can consider working this through with a mindfulness therapist.

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There can come a point where people can experience bizarre experiences during a meditation session. It could be something like a dream, or an Astro-projection feeling. Some people have also felt periodic itching and sweating when they are facing their difficult emotions. In such situations, allow the experience to progress as smoothly as you can because resisting it can be severely problematic. It can come back in some more intense and problematic way. Notice the intensity of the citation, if the experience is out of your control. Do not leave it on yourself and immediately seek professional help. Benefits of professional help include an increase in coping strategies, more self-awareness, and professional support that can go a long way. 

Concluding Remarks

Beginners can face a lot of issues in their mindfulness meditation journey. They just need to keep in mind that they do not lose courage and motivation during the process. They should not feel discouraged by the distractions and carry on their journey. Another point that they should keep in mind is not to compare themselves with others. Comparison is only about external motivation which means that the behavior will only last as long as the external motivation is there. Online mindfulness meditation courses are excellent. They are the best online personal development training. 

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