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How to Convert PNG to SVG Vector File on Windows?

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Yes, there are innumerable image formats and certain use cases, and we are often confused about which one to choose in a certain case – and even how to convert an image from one format to another.

Don’t fret as we are going to reveal the basic difference between both PNG and SVG, and even list a few best png to SVG converter utilities that help you to convert png files to SVGs. Keep reading and let us start with basic definitions.

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What is PNG?

PNG is an acronym for Portable Network Graphics, it is indicated as the most common lossless type raster image format around the internet. When a PNG raster image file is saved and compressed, the image data will not be lost.

What is SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, this vector nature format cannot store pixels based on data, it simply enables coordinating saved info in the image. The upside is that the vector SVG graphic files can be scaled without losing any quality loss. Due to its vector lossless quality, people account with online png to SVG converter to save png as a svg for free.

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Why Convert PNG to SVG File?

Bear in mind that SVG vector images are ideal for icons, logos, and simple graphics. They will look sharper than a PNG raster file and even if they are significantly smaller, this means that they won’t slow down your website at all. So, visit right now to get a free version of png to svg converter that takes less than a minute to convert png to SVG colour, black and white, and grayscale presets.

Best Ways to Convert PNG to SVG on Windows:

Read on!

A convert:

It is indicated as the most famous online png to SVG converter that is 100% free. You are now easily getting the image file in the certain compatible format that you want with this converter. It is not only fast but also free and easy to use. However, the only downside of this png file to SVG converter is that there will be a couple of ads on this site.

· Search on Google to open this online png to SVG converter

· Very next, you have to upload a PNG raster file that you wish to convert into an SVG vector from the local folder of your computer

· Right after choosing SVG as the exported format, you just need to tap on the “Go” button to start the converting png to svg process

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The online converter:

It is another platform that provides you with the best versions of professional PNG to SVG converters and certain other tools to perform image conversions from one format to another. It not only assists you to deal with png to vector svg conversions and even lets you deal with certain image file format conversions. You could easily turn png into svg online with this free utility:

· Simply launch Google, then make a search and find “” within a few taps

· Then, import a PNG image into the given toolbox or just add the image URL that you want to convert into SVG vector file format

· At last, you need to make an instant tap on the “Convert” button to lets it convert the png image to SVG vector format


This site provides you with a well-known version of the png to SVG converter that is highly recommended to you. The upside about conversion is that this utility is 100% free for everyone that offers a wide range of image file formats for conversions. You could easily save png as an SVG vector graphic format with the assistance of the following steps:

· At first, you need to open the webpage of by using a web-based browser from your computer

· Now, you ought to make click on the button “Select Files”, then make a search and upload a PNG raster file to the free PNG to SVG converter

· Very next, you need to choose SVG as the output format from the given sidebar. Finally, you can be able to turn png into svg vector file format

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Zamzar is indicated as the best choice png to SVG converter to convert png images to SVG vector files within no time. Since it is an online converter, it helps you in converting videos and images to any compatible format without distortion of quality. No third-party software installation is required to proceed with png to SVG vector file conversions:

· First of all, find and locate the Zamzar website with Google or any other web-based browser from your PC

· Very next, you need to add a PNG raster image from the URL, or make drag and drop directly into the given toolbox, and simply then choose SVG vector from the given format list

· Then, you have to enter your email address to receive the converted SVG vector graphic file from this PNG to SVG converter. Very next, hit the “Convert” button to quickly launch the png to SVG conversion


As the name reveals this png to SVG converter did its best to provide you with png to SVG vector conversions according to different presets. The most obvious thing to discuss with this converter is that it is 100% free. The steps are quite simple to save png as an SVG online:

· At first, you just navigate to the official webpage of “” and then choose the “upload your png images” option from its home screen

· Very next, you need to import your selected png image file to this online png to SVG converter corresponding to certain instructions

· Finally, you need to tap on the “Start Convert” button to swiftly convert the png raster to SVG vector file format successfully

Well, stick any one of the free png files to the SVG converter and fulfil your png to vector SVG conversions need on Windows. Good Luck! 

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