3 Most Common Myths About the Brain

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The human brain is the most unique organ out of all. It consists of a huge
number of neurons to work and function properly. Every important function
of the body depends on the proper operation of the brain. From your body
movements to your personality, from how you feel to how you act, the brain
plays a major role. But there are a lot of functions and tasks associated with
the brain that doesn’t even make sense.

All of this is because of the misconceptions being spread all around us about
the proper functioning and roles of the brain. According to the top
neurologist, the brain is so important that even a small damage can cause
trouble to even the smallest of the tasks assigned to the brain.

Some people think that the brain and computers work just the same,
however, this is not true at all. Some call it a robot that is already wired and
some people think that having a sharp brain is like having superpowers or
belonging to a different species. To know the truth and facts about the brain
you need to keep reading this article. Let’s discuss the myths and
misconceptions spread by people.

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  • The Mental Skills Decline with Age

It can never be true if I say that mental skills remain the same all your life.
There are a number of skills that get weak with age and there are some
abilities that can get way better as you age. When it comes to learning
something new or getting your hands on a new skill, children are seen to be
sharper than adults.
If you want to improve your memory, walnuts are a good choice. It is believed
that you work best when it comes to the heart, but don’t forget that it is also
excellent for improving brain function and cognitive abilities. Although the
walnuts’ shape does not like that of a brain, they do aid memory.
You can incorporate walnuts into your midday snacks or your breakfast
porridge. You can also eat it by mixing it into salads or smoothies.

If the age bracket is noticed, the young adults are seen to be sharper and
keen in the games that they learn, even when it comes to technology they
have it all sorted as compared to the older adults. The younger you are the
more you can remember stuff like patterns, numbers and can memorize and
repeat random numbers. The skills that older people are good at can never
be the forte of a young person like judging others, understanding the
gestures that others show, or settling down a situation or a conflict.

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  • Brains Work Like Computers

It is known to everyone that the brain doesn’t come up with a memory card
or a stored memory of some GBs. There is no chip stored in the brain that
makes it process data. The human brain is far from being a computer, it
works by paying attention to one captivity at a time, it interprets, understands
itself, and then takes the needed information to react in a way.

It is an old habit of people to associate technology with the latest one which
is thriving the most. Some have compared it with an engine, some called it a
telephone in olden times, some also call it a motor these days. More recently
it is lately being compared to the internet and other browsing sites.

Frequently, we put things somewhere specific and then forget where we put
them. Or there’s a certain test you need to take, and you forget everything
you’ve learned thus far. Also, your pals are irritated with you since you forget
their birthdays and anniversaries.

I understand, as I frequently forget significant events due to my poor memory
and inability to recall information. Memory problems, according to the
greatest neurologist, are not age-related and can occur at any age. You’re
probably wondering if there’s a recipe you can use to improve your memory.
It’s not precisely a recipe, but it is a dietary guideline.

  • Only 10 Percent of Brain Works

If only it was known to people that the brain doesn’t contain any reserves of
supernatural powers. There is no memory that is stored to use in the later

stage of life. There is so much strength a mother needs and so much energy
is drained out of her body when the brain of the infant is being made.
The human brain is so sensitive that several MRI and PET scans have revealed
that the brain is usually busy taking control of the normal day-to-day tasks
and if even a small part of the brain is damaged the whole system gets
affected, the consequences can be seen vividly affecting the language,
activity of the body and overall feelings. If seen in depth, the brain can use a
smaller portion and still work pretty well. When an injury hits you, even with a
damaged head and brain, the activity never stops.
More About Brain Work:

The brain is the most unique of all the organs. To work and function properly,
it requires a large number of neurons. The proper operation of the brain is
required for every major bodily function. The brain controls everything from
your body motions to your personality, from how you feel to how you act.
However, there are many activities and actions linked with the brain that
make no sense.

All of this is the result of widespread misunderstandings about the
appropriate functioning and roles of the brain. According to top neurologists,
the brain is so crucial that even minor impairment can cause problems with
even the slightest of jobs.


The above myths and misconceptions among people have made it a little
difficult for people to understand what actually is the main function of the
brain. I hope this article has cleared out most of your confusion and you can
see a clearer and better picture now.

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